Product Support, Maintenance And Training

Medirite Healthcare takes pride in its strong reliable Support team from its Engineers and product Specialists who were internationally and locally trained to give the best service and back up. Taking 24 hrs to respond to Harare faults and at most 48hrs for out of Harare faults, Medirite Healthcare Support team has never left a customer with a defective Machine.

Medirite Healthcare goes the extra mile of sending Customers for relevant trainings abroad. We have since sent more than 20 customers to our various manufacturers in China, South Korea, South Africa and Netherlands benefiting them personal Certificates as well as Applications domain.


Medirite Healthcare engages its customers in numerous Workshops were we interact in Product Launches, Scientific Evenings, Team buildings and Trainings.

These collaborations has built a strong relationship with our customers therefore enhancing our Vision, Mission and Core Values as a Healthcare Company. Our product Launches are timely! This also built an immense relationship with the Ministry of Health and awarded its cooperation in installing Lab Equipment in all Government Hospitals

Our workshops are often officiated by High ranked marshals from the Ministry of health, Doctors, Scientists Council supported by our Partners, world’s biggest Medical Manufacturers.

Local and International Conferences, Workshops and Seminars

Mindray Applications Training – China
Helena Products and Applications Training – Netherlands
Bioneer Technical and Applications Training – South Korea

Customer Product Training – PSMI