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About Our Company

Medirite Healthcare (Private) Limited is a broad based medical procurement and distribution entity. It was founded in 2002 under Medirite Distribution and started trading as Medirite Healthcare in July 2013.

Medirite Healthcare trades in general medical and surgical supplies, pharmaceuticals, laboratory consumables, diagnostic equipment, reagents, chemicals & a broad range of medical consumables. Our major markets consist of:

Medirite Healthcare (Private) Limited is wholly owned Zimbabwean company.
Our Vision

To Heal The World

Our Mission

We provide competative healthcare products and services to meet stakeholders expectations

Our Vision

We are reliable, transparent, and honest


We are committed to working together


We have great skills for excellence


Continous improvement

Customer Orientation

We are committed to serve

Zimbabwe's leading medical supplies company with a clientele base that spans different sectors.

Mugove Chideme
Managing Director
Nyikadzino Chideme
Carolline Munyaradzi
General Manager
Muchaneta Muyambo
Sales and Marketing Manager
Kudzai Muzah
Elvis Mkondwa
Stores Manager
Kudzai Muzah
Service Manager (Patient Monitoring And Life Support)
Kudzai Muzah
Service Manager (Lab Equipment )