Bioneer EXIPREP 48 X

Bioneer EXIPREP 48 X

ExiPrep™ 48 is a instrument that automatically extracts nucleic acids from at least 8 to 48 samples and evenly dispenses them while preventing cross-contamination of aerosols. It is best optimized for screening of high-sensitivity virus.

High-sensitivity virus screening optimization
No false positives by preventing cross-contamination of virus-free samples, caused by micro-aerosols when extracting nucleic acids from samples containing high concentration of viruses through Bioneer’s patent technology

Prevention of contamination
Substantial blocking of cross-contamination, which may occur in other wells by the aerosols generated from the tip, through the sophisticated designs of aerosol prevention device by the closed structure of pipette block and the drop-contamination prevention device at the bottom of the filter tip

High purity nucleic acid extraction
Extraction of highly pure nucleic acids by attaching magnetic particles to the bottom of each well equally and rapidly by magnetic blocks attached to the instrument
Increased elution efficiency allowing complete evaporation of alcohols by its heating block

Automatic UV sterilization
Sterilization to prevent infection for the users by the samples through the UV lamp installed inside the instrument

Minimized reagent waste
Reduced waste of reagents and quick processing through extraction of nucleic acids from 8 to 48 samples simultaneously in 8 units at the time of its operation

User-friendly UI without the need of seperate PC by equipping with a 13.3-inch touch screen on the front of the instrument

Built-in optimized nucleic acid extraction protocol
Easy to use and reproducible results with built-in nucleic acid extraction protocols optimized for various samples and targets

Automatic punching function
Radical elimination of aerosol contamination chance by automatic punching in the instrument